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C013-1114-0013 & C014-1114-0014



Howdy, I'm Ringo and I'm Baby we made our way to Dude's Animal Ranch after our daddy passed away. We are a bit reserved and shy at first but once we get to know you we are rather friendly.

I'm Ringo the black and white tuxedo fluff ball above... let's address the elephant in the room as you can see I'm a rather big fella and yes I only have 3 legs but that doesn't slow me down one bit. I lost my leg when I was just 2 after an injury when the Houston SPCA took me in. I'm a big couch lover, I might have a slight love for food too. When I'm not eating I can be found lounging around or sleeping in my window purch. I'm making new friends here on "The Ranch" and my sister and I our looking for that special someone who will take us both into their home and love us FUREVER just as our daddy did.

I'm Baby or "Kitty" for short, I'm a bit shy but once I get to know you I'll run my purrr motor until the cows come home. I'm very soft grey PRINCESS with dashes of white... I look like I'm covered in a mist of freshly fallen snow. My brother and I get along with everyone however we are used to being around men more. I was with my daddy as a kitten and we both grew up with a dog.

Here is a note from our daddy's daughter about us...

"Ringo: He loves cat nip and relaxing and playing with Baby, the grey cat. He can still jump really high and run fast despite his leg being missing. He doesn’t let that stop him. He loves being scratched and pet. Loves the string stick cat toys. He can be shy to strangers, it just depends but once he warms up he wants to sit next to you and be your little shadow and occasionally cuddle. Loves to eat his cat food. He probably would eat all day if he could. 


Baby (also called baby kitty or just kitty) is more calm and shy but loves to cuddle. She likes men more often than women and loves to be pet. Whoever pets her and lets her cuddle up to their face wins for her. A very sweet girl!!


They both love sitting by windows and warming up, they’ve never been outside cats. Love sitting in cat tree and being cozy. "

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